How do I Set up a Developer Account with a Remote Web Service so that I can use webhooks in Appsheet?

Hi guys,
I am new to Appsheet. I am currently experimenting with the platform. I came across a great article about Webhooks and I would love to play around with them. However, it seems there is no way to do so using a non-corporate account.
Is there a way to achieve the steps laid out here Introduction to Webhooks | AppSheet Help Center without having to have a corporate Appsheet account?

You can send webhooks from AppSheet to another web service using the Pro Plan. What service are you trying to integrate?

AppSheet supports sending a POST, PATCH, PUT, or DELETE, but there’s no GET, and no response handling for webhooks. So you can send data to an external system (or delete it), but not retrieve data from an external system with webhooks.


Thank you @GreenFlux. I am trying to integrate with Unleashed inventory software. The idea is to make changes in Appsheet and then trigger a POST/PUT or PATCH to Unleashed via its API.

Which Unleashed plan do you have? The docs say you need the ‘Medium’ plan or higher to use the API.

If you already have the right plan, then there should be somewhere in the account settings to generate an API Key. Once you have the credentials, then you have to follow the Unleashed docs to figure out the right webhook formatting, and configure a corresponding webhook in AppSheet.

I know that’s kind of general, but the process is a little different for each API and I haven’t used this one yet. I’d recommend testing webhooks from Postman or Insomnia first, and then copy the settings over to AppSheet once you have it working.


Thanks again for your help. I have the right plan that can use the API. I am currently playing with the API in postman.

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