How do I show a Google Doc file in the app? ...

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How do I show a Google Doc file in the app?

I have a Terms & Conditions GDoc File that I would like User to view in the App without looking like they are leaving the App.

I made the GDoc Public and inserted the URL in the Initial Value, but after clicking the link, it says “This site can’t be reached”

This is what my Spreadesheet Formula looks like in the app.


I don’t want the long URL to show up in the App, only the “Terms/Conditions”

with the link icon.


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(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

HYPERTEXT(LINKTOURL(“YourURLHere”),“Terms & Conditions”) should work for that

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Sweet, thanks Bro, trying it now! :slight_smile:

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TY for excellent suggestions!

I really don’t care if they actually read the T&C, nobody does. This must be very fast and very easy…as long as they can have access to my T&C .PDF while they fill out the quick SignUp Form, I would be very happy.

If this app expands to allow the Guests to take many photos around the property, as I am hoping,

I will need your excellent IN() expression so Guest is not asked to enter Birth date and Agree to T&C again.

I might ping you on this again as I expand.


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I just added a table with 41,000 US Zipcodes, City, State, LatLong, Population, TotalWages, AvgWages.

Guest enters Zipcode & I know everything, almost, HAHA!

Hey, do you know of a Zip+4 list available anywhere?


AS should hard-code the entire Zip+4 database, would be EXTREMELY powerful for many apps!!

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #6

@Stephen_Mattison I believe have an API for that. I believe it’s free up-to a number of queries per month and it’s quite easy to query with a simple webhook scripting :slight_smile:

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@Stephen_Mattison - Address Verification APIs Address Verification APIs

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I can’t get this to work, it didn’t like HYPERTEXT or LINKTOURL

Changed to

HYPERLINK & LINKURL and still not getting it to work.

And as I dig into this more, I think I really need to view a PDF in the App, not a GDoc.

I must be missing something big because nothing I am doing seems to be working.

I’d like a neat and succinct “Terms & Conditions” with the Link icon to show up.

I checked out the AS Hyperlinks Sample App and did just like they did, but did not get it to work.

I need new Guests to be able to view the Terms & Conditions PDF while they are filling out New Guest Sign Up in Guests_Detail.

They have a T&C web page available, but I think I want to have Users be able to view a File from the App so they don’t click something at the website and get distracted.

Vast majority will never look at this File, just click Agree/Yes and be done with SignUp, but T&C must be easily accessible, even Downloadable if that is possible.

I need the PDF to then be view-able/Downlaodable if User ever goes back to their file and wants to read the entire T&C.


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I have also been checking out the AS Hyperlinks Sample App.

I’d rather not use a Virtual Column if I don’t have to.

Support Docs seem to suggest that I don’t need a VC if you “mark IsHyperLink to True” Befuddled why I can’t get this to work nice & easy.

AS Support Doc: “HYPERLINK({Address}, {Text}) returns a hyperlink to the given address with the given clickable text. For example, the formula HYPERLINK(“”, “Click here to visit Wikipedia”) will create a link that looks like this: Click here to visit Wikipedia. If you use the HYPERLINK formula in a non-virtual column, make sure to mark “IsHyperLink” to true in the Type Qualifier. This ensures that the value of this column is written as a sheet =HYPERLINK formula.”

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #10

@Stephen_Mattison have you solved the issue or is it still unsolved?

(Stephen Mattison) #11


Still unresolved, sorry.

(Stephen Mattison) #12


I’m guessing something new is going on, this App on my Phone just made me “Sign in with Google” and now I am seeing my URL Links and my PDF File.

How do I get the PDF File to appear with a nice succinct “Terms & Conditions File” instead of the actual file link.

Still learning this stuff,

Not crucial/high priority. Thanks a lot for your help!

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #13

@Stephen_Mattison after making structural changes in an app, it’s required that you perform a hard sync rather than a soft sync to notice those changes. If you don’t release a running app from the running memory after closing it, then the app data is brought from the cache instead of the server. Possibly this is the reason why you’re seeing it working now. Glad to hear that it’s resolved now.

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OK, yes I got PDF & URL Link working.

Part of my problem was that I wasn’t seeing them appear in the Form View.

I really need User to be able t o click and see my T&C PDF in the Form View as they are signing up for the first time.

Is this possible?

Thanks Mr. K!

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #15

@Stephen_Mattison displaying a link for the T&C does not give you a bulletproof idea that they have read it. I can humbly propose to make seperate section with your T&C, place it in a Long Text field, set Editable_if to FALSE and put some kinda “I accept/I read” button at the end and set it to required. Provided your form is not ending there, you can set a show_if for the next section like [APPROVAL]=“I accept” or similar. And you can define if the user is existing in your registration table or not with a simple IN(…) expression in the Valid_if field. You can also use the same function to show/hide your T&C section.