How do I show actions on one slice, but remov...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

How do I show actions on one slice, but remove certain actions from another slice?

I notice you can only apply actions to a table, and not a slice.

I have (2) slices that have the same core Table.

Though on one slice I want certain actions to appear and on another, I would not like them to appear.

Do I accomplish this through the condition parameter?

Meaning tell the actions to only appear on Company Info, and not on Company Billing?

(Bellave Jayaram) #2


(Steven Jeffery) #3

So how would I wrtie that expression?

(Grant Stead) #4

Sounds great! LOL and as it currently stands, no then you can’t…

(Steven Jeffery) #5

So final annoying question…What type of condition rule could I add to each slice to do what I am looking for?

(Steven Jeffery) #6

NM, I found a cleaner way to do what I want…more than one way to skin an App Sheet!

(Steven Jeffery) #7

I am going to add a Yes/No button, to activate whether or not I want the billing information to show in my company setup table.

Then have an action that toggles which actions are viewable or available.

(Steven Jeffery) #8

not that anyone cares! :slight_smile:

But I thought I would share…

(Steven Jeffery) #9

I am such a dumb ass!

I get it, show this slice if X = y and show the other slice if Y=x.

Why am I so stupid sometimes!

(Grant Stead) #10

Haha, sometimes appsheet is so wide open that it takes a little too much consideration to get anything done

(Bellave Jayaram) #11

As it is a Yes/No formula, you can use the same expression as what you used for creating the slice.

(Steven Jeffery) #12

Im really sorry for the ignorance, but I am not sure what you mean.

Thanks in advance

(Grant Stead) #13

@Steven_Jeffery in the action itself you can have a show if formula… And we’re saying use the same formula that you use for your slice

(Steven Jeffery) #14

Not sure what formula I use in my slice, I just copied the slice from the existing one, and renamed it to what I wanted.

Also not sure where to find the show if in the action itself.

Let me look some more.

Long time no talk Grant, thanks like always for the help.

(Steven Jeffery) #15

I have Row filter condition in the slice, which is blank and the slice is named Company Billing Setup Slice.

I have If this condition is true in the action which is also blank.

(Grant Stead) #16

@Steven_Jeffery so yeah, if you don’t have any differentiating factors between the two slices then you won’t be able to tell the action what to do since the action rides on the table, not the slices

(Aleksi Alkio) #17

If you don’t have any condition rule on your slice, you can hide the action on the slice but I couldn’t find quickly how to do opposite. And I believe you are looking exactly that, correct?

(Steven Jeffery) #18

Yah basically I want some actions to show up on one slice, but not on the other.

Though each slice does not have any conditions on them.

I simply removed a few columns on one slice versus the other slice.

One slice shows billing information and PO# while the other does not.

On the one that does have the billing info, I want to have a action that generates a report for booking a new agreement, while on the one without the billing information I don’t.

Conversely, the actions on the one without billing info, I do not want showing on the one with the billing info.

I hope I did a sufficient job of being confusing… :slight_smile: