How do i slect multiple columns

I have created a behaviour that emails me a report of unbilled hours for a customer.
I would like the body of the email to contain a table with 3 columns (date, notes, hours) for every row from my TASKS table.

The SELECT function only seems to be able to return values from one column

How can I get the values from 3 columns in my table into the body of my email?

Would you please take a printscreen from your template so we could see what you have tried already, thanks.

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To be honest I haven’t got a clue how to create a select statement that will return multiple rows with 4 columns.
Just knowing that would probably be enough to get me started.
Can you help?

Not sure if this thread is solved or not but I think you still seem to be having issues,

Again, not sure If I’m understanding your question correctly,

I would make a template like this, and use this as your email body… something along these lines. I personally am fond of just using slices wherever I can. Don’t know whats more efficient. So i would make a slice that capture only the unpaid rows for the customer and only include the columns you need.

Template: You can also just make the borders white if thats more of what your looking for. Below should give you an idea.

AppSheet’s SELECT() function will only return a single column’s value from each matching row.

In this case, your email template will need a <<Start>>/<<End>> pair that uses FILTER() or SELECT() to gather the desired rows from the table or slice that has the desired columns. Between the <<Start>> & <<End>> tags, you can reference the columns individually as normal (e.g., [hours]). @Jonathan_S shared a good example of this above.

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