How do I structure companies and users tables for advanced security filters?

I have started somewhat from scratch with my companies and users tables. I am doing my best to duplicate your process to make the security filters work. The part I’m stuck on right now is “Create a new action on the companies table” where I set the [Company_Master_Email_List] column to [Related Users][User_Login_Email]. It is not finding these columns. Should they be in the companies table or the users table?

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[Related Users] will be found on the Companies table; but only if you’ve got a ref column ON the user table.

Creating a ref connection on the Users table will cause the [Related Users] virtual column to appear - it’s called a reverse reference.

PS: For those looking for more info, this is in relation to implementing the security filter method you can find here:


I have set up and checked the related users and User_Login_Email and got the action set up, but it’s not displaying on the app for me to run it before I hide it. I have tried overlay, prominently, and inline. Can’t get it to show it’s face. What am I doing wrong?

  1. Set the action’s prominence to “Display prominently” and make sure you save things.

    • If you don’t save the action won’t appear or be usable.
  2. Additionally make sure that the master email list column is marked as “editable” in the column’s list.

  3. Also, make sure that you’ve not restricted any of the edit permissions for the Companies table that might be conflicting.

Other than that, it should show up.

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Progress. Holy crap, that was intense. I’m far from finished, but thanks to you I have made leaps and bounds of progress in the past few hours than I have all freakin week. Thank you!

If anyone else needs help, I highly recommend the content he has on his Patreon:


You’re too kind. :blush:

I’m glad you were able to get past whatever roadblock you were in!
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