How do I suppress/hide the "new" action in an...

(Morris Arthur) #1

How do I suppress/hide the “new” action in an inline view of related (child) records, based on a field value in the current (parent) record ?

I’m trying to develop an expression for the “If this condition is true” setting of the system-generated

Add action for the child table… but

I need to reference the Ref column that (would) point back to the parent record.

How do I do that if the record hasn’t been created yet ( and I don’t want it to be :slight_smile:

Is there a way to hide the New action

via the column of type List on the parent table ???

(Morris Arthur) #2

FYI. Four weeks ago, Aleksi proposed this solution elsewhere: If you add a second REFROWS virtual column and then create a Read_Only slice as a source, you could toggle between these two inline views (show only one of them).