How do I trigger an email when I edit a row?


How do I trigger an email message for example when an user approved something by clicking yes or no. Yes mean that it will go to another person while No mean it go will back to the creator of the form


Hi, you could add a condition formula for your TO: field like… IF([Approved]=TRUE,“,"")

Thanks for the tip! I managed to solve the approval part since the email address can be hardcode in the workflow.

The challenge is to send an email back to the requester email address. Any app template for me to refer to?

Then you could use just USEREMAIL() instead of fixed email address.

Hi, I am not sure how should the expression goes.
My column is [Email Address]. I can only hardcode it to go to specific email address for now.

This expression look more like hardcoding the email address.
The app that I am trying to build is an approval form. The requester input has an column for his email address so that when the approver reject, it send an email back to the requester. So I can’t really hardcode the address for the rejection workflow part.

Then you can use a formula as [Requester email] with the TO: field. Though you need to use your own column name.