How do I upload an image from my gallery of m...

(Rafi Vibes) #1

How do I upload an image from my gallery of my phone in the mobile webversion of my appsheet app? It always opens the camera instantly and does not let me choose an image from my gallery of my phone.

Thanks for help! Much appreciated.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Rafi_Vibes Are you using an iPhone? If so, you might need to enable browsing of photos in the camera roll. Check out the article below for more details: - Capturing Images Capturing Images

(Rafi Vibes) #3

Read this article already. It says: “When an AppSheet app is run in a web browser on a mobile device, the camera is used for image input.”

Is this the only way? I need people to upload pictures from their gallery.

(Simon Robinson) #4

On some phones you have to give Appsheet permission to access the camera roll

(Rafi Vibes) #5

@Simon_Robinson I use iphone. There is no option anywhere to give permission. Not in ios settings, not in appsheet settings.