How do i use a dropdown menu to give the user certain options based on that first dropdown?

I have a drop down menu. I want the user to first choose from that drop down menu. Once they choose from that - i want to only give them options based on that value:
For example, if the user has a choice:

Item A
Item B
Item C

If the user chooses “Item A” - then they can choose from another drop Down:
Item aa
Item aaa
Item aaaa

If the user chooses “Item B” - they can choose from these options:
Item bb
Item bbb
Item bbbb



In the Valid If expression of Column 2, try:

  [Column 1],
  "Item A", LIST("Item aa", "Item aaa", "Item aaaa"),
  "Item B", LIST("Item bb", "Item bbb", "Item bbbb"),

Note the last item is a default value. A default value is required, but may be a blank value ("", as here).

See also:

Thanks Steve- let me try this - i have over 600 rows to do this with - ill get back to you…

is there a limit on how many "items i put in the LIST?

Hi @Tiger
Would dependent dropdowns work here?


You are right. I used Valid if - and used dependent Dropdowns. Thanks

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How can i make a dependent drop down menu work like a “related table” in the sense of the user ability to add multiple items?


  1. User opens form.
  2. User chooses from drop dependent drop down. Then choose the next drop down based on the first drop down.
  3. Now the user can add another choice using the same drop down as the first one… - this is the part i am unsure about.