How do i use contain expression trying to find certain zip codes

I am using the contain expression to find zip codes. I cannot figure out how to add mutiple zip codes to search:

Current expression:
contains([last seen location] ,"77905""77976""77404""77905""77976""77404""77414""77483""77419""78075""78022""78071"“78385”

You’re using CONTAINS() wrong:

You should be using IN() instead:

Thanks Steve…!

Does this look correct?

IN ("77905""77976""77404""77414""77483""77419""78075""78022""78071"“78385”
"78140""78159""77963""77993""77954""77967""77974""77989""77994""78141""78164""77975""77964""77984""77995"“77987”, list([last seen location] ))

It gives me a check mark - the expression is good.

However it is not finding those zip codes. Or it finds them but doesn’t show that item on my map. Here is a small view of my data:

Here is where i put that expression:

I believe it should be like this…Though @Steve is much more better than me with lists:

	LIST([last seen location])

using that expression gave me an error:

LIST has elements of mismatched types

Do you want to find an occurrence of "77905""77976""77404""77414""77483""77419""78075""78022""78071"“78385” "78140""78159""77963""77993""77954""77967""77974""77989""77994""78141""78164""77975""77964""77984""77995"“77987” in the list consisting solely of [last seen location]? That’s what your expression tries to do.

I suggest you study the examples on the IN() help page.

I am trying to search the table column [last seen location] - for all those zip codes. If the zip code is there, i want the map to show that item on the map…

One more thing. I should have showed you the data table. The column [last seen location] is a full address - where i want to show based on zip only…

That’s pretty critical information that you should have shared earlier.

In order to accomplish what you want, the 5-digit zip code must be available as a separate column or must be easily extractable from the Last Seen Location column.

sorry. It just hit me to show the table column. So how do i extract it? I do not have a column with just zip code…

There is no good way to extract it with AppSheet.

ok. Thanks

How about:


I don’t think that will work mainly because contains is expecting text not a list. A nasty workaround would be:

OR(Contains([Last seen location], “77905”), Contains([Last seen location], “77976”),… )

This will check the string for each of the keywords. The OR expression will evaluate to true if any one of them are true.

Joshua - thanks. That worked!

If your addresses are all standardized like that perfectly…

        SPLIT(Table[LAST SEEN LOCATION], ", "),
        {"77905", "77976",...}
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