How do i? workflow for child table

I have a child table with a workflow that sends a “welcome” email for adds_only; however, I only need the workflow to send the email on the very first row that is added for a person, not each row when a person checks in.

Can someone please assist with the condition expression to make this happen?

There are a couple of ways to handle this that I can think of.

  1. If you are tagging each row with the person that added it, then in the workflow/bot trigger, simply test count of rows for that person as part of the trigger criteria. If count is zero then trigger.

NOTE - when the automation executes the trigger, it happens on the server side and I think, in your use case of adding a row. it will still be zero at that time the trigger expression executes. If not, then test equal to 1. A bit of testing will confirm.

  1. If you are not tagging rows with the person adding it, then set a dedicated flag such as [Welcome Sent?]. If you have a Users table, this would be the perfect place to park such a column. Set this flag on the first row added to prevent additional additions from triggering the automation.
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