How do update a result of a enum list

Hi, I have the table (TAREFAS / TASKS) ( with three columns: CODIGO (CODE), NOME (NAME) and PONTUACAO (SCORE).On this App ( I can recovery the contents of a table TASKS and populate a enum list, to make a dropdown dependent, recover the SCORE and populate the field. After selecting the item on TASKS enum the button SCORE shows, but is not checked. What I’d like: 1) that SCORE field were automatically populate after selecting the first enum list (TASKS), because is just one the return, without I need to click on it. 2) The field SCORE must be editable. I tried to change the option ‘editable’ of field, but don’t works; tried initial values and formulas, but formulas make readonly field and initial values don’t change after first insertion. Thanks for help and apologies by my terrible english…gtranslator helps

You need to add a helper column which will have the [SCORE] column value as an initial value and be editable. You can hide the main [SCORE] column as well.


Thanks for the reply, but I created a virtual column and they don’t have ‘initial value’, just have ‘app formula’, what makes a readonly field (after click on score button) and valid if, what makes a yes/no/list field.

I was talking about a physical column in the gSheet, not a Virtual column actually.


But the value of the second score just changes when I click on the first score, and because it is hidden the second field doesn’t show the score when I select the item on a dropdown.

If you set the initial value of this physical column as the value of your virtual column, it will show


Thanks I will try this

ScoreVirtual is my virtual column, it is pointing to dropdown ‘ponto’

Score is my physical column, and their initial value is set to [SCOREVIRTUAL]

When I select the type of task, it shows the button ‘PONTO’, not selected, shows the SCORE empty, and

When I click on the button ‘PONTO’, it shows que SCOREVIRTUAL and changes the value of SCORE, but I need to click on button.

If I hide the field [PONTO] the value of SCORE doesn`t change. Thanks a lot for the help.

Ps: I tried to attach prints but the AppSheet doesn`t allow.

I ask for help, please. I believe Wandeir’s problem is similar to mine. The most similar that I found here in the community.

I have two columns: product and price. The price depends on product. I want an editable price suggestion to be presented according to the product. I achieve this by setting an “initial value”.

The problem occurs when I edit the price and change the product. In this situation, the price is not updated.

I know how the “reset on edit” option works, which resets the field value when the row is edited. This doesn’t work for me. I want the suggested value to be updated as I complete the form, before saving it.

Sorry for my English and thanks for your attention.