How do you define the relative image path to enable two apps to use the same image directory?

I have two apps that share a common SQL data source. What I would like them to do is share a common image file directory too.

The two apps are:

  1. Product Mgt. default app folder: /appsheet/data/Product_Mgt-123456
  2. Product Reg. default app folder: /appsheet/data/Product_Reg-123456

For the product icon location I have tried specifying the relative file location on my Google drive. See screenshot below:

The use of “…/…” to refer to a parent directory didn’t work and resulted in two new folders being created called: “…”

Usual appsheet folder structure is below:

appsheet / data / Product_Mgt-123456
appsheet / data / Product_Reg-123456
appsheet / data / PM_Resources / Product_Images

The shared folder is given in italics above.

Instead I get:

appsheet / data / Product_Mgt-123456 /…/…/PM_Resources / Product_Images

The ICON file location held in the DB for a specific product is the same. Namely:

…/…/PM_Resources / Product_Images/productUUID.icon.98765.png

Any help greatly appreciated. I also have the same problem sharing the country flags for the country listing between the two apps.

I recommend go to /appsheet/data and create a folder named Product_Combined.
Then go into Info-Properties-App Properties-Default App Folder and replace the path in both apps with

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Also, not sure since I don’t traverse relative paths upwards in AppSheet, but I believe the HTML standard to go to the next folder up its only two periods. Try ../PM_Resources/Product_Images/productUUID.icon.98765.png

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Might run into security issues trying that but a good idea.

Hi Austin,

Wasn’t quite what I was looking for but it does solve the immediate problem and allow the different versions of the app to share the country flag images. So now the apps default path points to one ‘main’ app default’s path.

I wasn’t able to have the apps point to a different relative path, it had to be one used by one of the apps. Any how it works… so many thanks.