How do you handle passing information via Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are a great way to send messages to users. But what do you do if you want to pass a piece of information for the user to use in an app?

Users, at least on iPhone, cannot copy any of the text from the Push Notification, the notification presents on TOP of the app so can’t flip back and forth to view the data to enter AND there is no way to automatically feed the info in the app EXCEPT for entering a NEW row.

Is there some way a user can get at the info to enter into the app without the need to memorize it or write it down??

…And there’s no way to view a history of notifications, in case you accidently dismiss one or need to review it later.

I’ve never used this feature in a production app. It’s way too limited. I’ll send emails or texts, instead. They don’t disappear as easily. :sweat_smile:


There are apps available that can record your notifications and then copying should be possible. I haven’t used in production, but I made some tests maybe a year ago.


There probably is, I haven’t searched to hard for that. But that shouldn’t be the “happy” path we would want users to take.

Thanks! If needed, I’ll check into it!

I know the intention of Notifications is to simply convey a message or navigate to someplace within the app.

To think out loud (or at least in text)…in my use case, it seems silly to send a piece of information only to have the user copy and paste it into the app to update a row. Since the notification can open into the app, why not have it “input” the data upon click of the button. For that we would need a LINKTOROW() function that would also allow setting of fields. I’m sure there is probably a Feature Request for this. I’ll verify.

While I’m thinking…to round out the idea, having the ability to “input” data into a Quick Edit field on a Detail View from a notification or email would be nice as well.

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