How do you update child records using Automation

Since the introduction of Automation it is not clear if the old workflow approach still works. Besides workflow is being phased-out. So Is there a way to update the child records when the parent changes using Automation? For example: I am struggling to find how to pass the parent key to a process for updating the child records. Or perhaps that is the wrong approach. :thinking:

The use-case is a Service Request is reassigned to a different company, consequently the actions relating to the service request should also be reassigned to the new company.

Any examples on Automation and calling processes gratefully received.

There is no fundamental difference for how tasks work between Automation and Workflows. How did you approach this functionality previously with workflows?

To update child records, I’d use an Action of type “execute an action on a set of rows”. You may not even need to use Automation for this, you could just trigger the Action on Form Save for example. But if you still want to use Automation, then just trigger the Action from a Process Step.

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