How do you use AppSheet?

Good afternoon, Everyone:

I’m having a great deal of fun as a new creator of AppSheet apps. I like how I can build handheld apps without needing to learn the native OS or programming language.

In my 40-year career, I was primarily a developer, but for seven of those years I was also the IT Director (2004-2011). I walked into that position only to find scores of data islands. MS Access and FoxPro was still in use! The new CEO wanted an Intranet, dashboards, and ad-hoc report-writing. The directive was “no more data islands.” I thoroughly agreed, but it was not a trivial process.

So where am I going with this? I want to get a feel for how AppSheet fits into your organization:

  1. Are you an entrepreneur who builds apps to fill under-served markets?
  2. Do you build consumer apps or for business operations?
  3. Are you employed by a company as a developer, a manager, or director?

Based on my experience, I imagine that business apps are the most challenging, only because of the inevitable question: “That looks great Brian, but will it work with my IT infrastructure?” So now, you have gone from demonstrating your app in a sandbox to something that must be integrated. Your job is now only half done. Of course, not all companies do a great job at IT, so you may find yourself in a difficult spot. You have to make a quick assessment, and not over-promise.

I admit that I am writing this from the perspective of an entrepreneur looking to create business apps for hitherto unknown clients. However, if I were an employee then I would be already acutely aware of the challenges of integration beforehand.