How does a conditional display name work on a table view?

I have a conditional display name for a column to change the name when there are no more incomplete task. I was wondering how this works with table views? Currently its showing the Current Worked Hs while I have 1 row with Current Worked Hrs and 2 with Hours to Complete.

As far as I’ve been able to determine, the Display Name expression is evaluated as virtual columns are: when a sync occurs or as needed within a form view.

Note that a Display Name applies to the entire column of the table, not just the column of single row.

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Background syncing I believe would be the only way to get that to update, I think. And even then, not sure what the lag time would be before its updated.

This is on a table view. So the evaluation of that display name is different for all the different rows of the table. I want to know what determines the column name at the top of the table since it technically has more than 1 value. So Hours to Complete is the Current Worked Hrs column with a different display name.

I don’t know the answer. :frowning:

Yeah, in terms of those headers on the Table, I think it would be more of an “This expression won’t be evaluated in terms of a row” situation or whatever that message is.

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