How does dashboard determine which field to create its dependency on in interactive mode

I have a table, called materials, that has 3 Ref fields [From], [To] and [Selected] linked back to my Workers Table.
I have created a linked Dashboard with one View entry based on a Slice of my Workers table and a second View entry based on a slice of the materials Table.
When I change the pointer on my Workers table it displays the referenced records in my Workers table but the referenced records it links to is the [From] field.
I want it to link using the [Selected] field. Is there any way to direct which field it uses for the link?

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I think you may wish to further add on which is the child table - is it Materials? What type of fields [From], [To] and [Selected] are and any specific reason you have 3 reference columns to the same table? This elaboration could probably help in getting a solution if one is there.

Maybe change the isPartOf option to be on for [Selected], and not for the other 2?