How does on build secure public apps with appsheet

Question that has held me back for 4 years since I joined appsheet. I have a lot of ideas and solutions I need to provide however the issue with user authentication makes the app very expensive and impracticable. If I have 2m users and I need them to view and enter data uniquely and securely , do I have to pay for everything one of them monthly… ?


2 million users x $10/month = AppSheet is not the best platform for all use-cases.

Apps are either secure, OR public.

You can link a datasource from a public app to a secure app. But if you need to filter data, securely, per-user, then you pay per user. (Security Filters, Pro Plan, $10/Mo per user)

Unfortunately, for your use-case and many others, AppSheet is cost-prohibitive.

Here are a few Alternatives:


Excellent options. For a web app you also should look at Backendless and Knack.


This sample app is from a video I made for my patrons:

Public App - With Private Data

  • This app (and the video from the post) shows how you can create a public app, that has the ability to link multiple devices to User accounts - and therefor show user-specific content on those devices.

Although I am still waiting for someone from sales to contact me, it seems that once you have a need for many users that need to be checked against a login then Appsheet is cost prohibitive. But it seems that most other No-Code solutions are the same, and have a per user price that prices most outside what is possible also in my case.

Would be nice if Appsheet could come up with an intermediate plan that is based on either resource allocation or more geared on $X/Y users/mth or something similar. Otherwise I guess I am stuck with full stack in GAS maybe and using Firebase authorization or something else to authorize the end user.

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