How does one "invite" people to this forum?

Here’s a link to a “badge” one can get as a result of inviting others to this forum:

This badge is granted when you’ve invited 5 people who subsequently spent enough time on the site to become full members. Wow! Thanks for expanding the diversity of our community with new members!

Currently, only @Peter has this badge. Perhaps no one else has earned it because, like me, they don’t know how to “invite” people. Thanks in advance for any advice or instruction about how to invite people. I’d love to get that badge. :wink:


Hey @Kirk_Masden, glad you asked!

I believe that if you visit your profile, you should see a section titled ‘Invites’, where you can send new invites and see who has accepted. (I think it even lets you do bulk invitations).[username]/invited/pending

If you don’t see that section, let me know!

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Thanks! I see that it’s very easy to invite people. I “invited” another e-mail address I own. It may take me a while but I hope to get that badge eventually!! :sweat_smile:

One thought: It might be nice to by able to add a personalized note to our friend, if we wish to do so.

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