how does the new column definition "reset on ...

(Jeff Drouillard) #1

how does the new column definition “reset on every edit” work?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


When you edit a record, the initial value for any particular column that you activated this setting will be cleaned out (reset)

Provided you have an expression in Initial Value which is dependent over other columns’ values, this expression will be evaluated only when you create a new record. When you edit that record, initial value expressions are not re-calculated. But now this setting will provide you having somekinda dynamic initial value option

(Jeff Drouillard) #3

So if I had an action that turns the column to true. Each time this row is edited it will turn that column back

to false?

(GreenFluxLLC) #4

@Jeff_Drouillard Yes, I believe what you said would be true IF the column’s Initial Value = FALSE.

Before this update, we had Initial Value, which ONLY affected the row on creation-- and App Formula, which ALWAYS recalculated with updates to the formulas’ inputs.

It sounds like this update adds a middle ground where the Initial Value recalculates on row edits BUT not automatically with every change of the formulas inputs.

This saves a lot of overhead on the server for things that don’t need to be constantly recalculated. A common example would be applying a discount to a sales transaction. There’s no need to constantly recalculate the final amount on thousands of closed out transactions, so you wouldn’t use an App Formula. But an initial value wouldn’t trigger an update if you adjusted the discount percent.

This option could tell the [Total] to ‘reset on every edit’ so that adjusting the [Discount] column would trigger the re-evaluation. It’s automatic when needed, instead of constantly reprocessing.