How filter enumlist

I am still confuse about comparing the value

I have 2 table

When I want to start a makeup class,
I trying to get the enumlist to show only student who have contact detail and never attend this lesson before

I stuck …

AND([Contact] = “Yes”, …


Please try

SELECT(Student_list[Students], [Contact] = “Yes”) - SPLIT(class_list[Students] , " , ")

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it show all the student in the student list (including those attended before)

Please share the screenshot of expression and the associated test result from test pane.

Also please try

SELECT(Student_list[Students], [Contact] = “Yes”) - SPLIT(UNIQUE(class_list[Students]) , " , ")

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Also there are some students like A3, A7 who are with [Contact] as “No” in “Student_list” but still apears in Class list in [Student] enumlist in the example shown by you. Please elaborate exact condition you are trying to achieve.


Sorry for the wrong example, the image was I try to do recording without using formula. That’s why there are error that make me want to use formula to avoid.

What I mean was,
There are 20 students

lets say 7 of them attended my Math class.

The next time I want to start a make up class for the same Math class again, I will only able to pick from the 13 who have contact in the record.

Thank you for the corrections. Could you also update if you want to still check the [Contact] status also for the [Student] from Student_list table?

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I want to achieve, when I choose Math again, the enumlist should not be showing those attended Math before

Student should not appear : A1 , A4 , A5 , A6 , A12 , A13 , A14

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Thank you. Please try

SELECT(Student_list[Students], [Contact] = “Yes”) - SPLIT(SELECT(class_list[Students], [Class]=[_THISROW].[Class]) , “,”)

**Edit:**Corrected the error in expression.


Sorry. There was a minor error of missing equality operator in the expression. I have corrected it. Please try the revised expression in the earlier post.

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COOL !!!
U save my day … Thanks !!! :grin: :pray: