How Formula =O6+M7-N7

Hello all, can help me how use formula =O6+M7-N7 at Appsheet .

Thanks you

Hello A_Syaeful,

I am assuming O6, M7, and N7 are spreadsheet cells. Appsheet, and Spreadsheet formula are different and complimentary to each other. (
You can represent some in-row spreadsheet formula ( by an App formula. Currently, it is better to keep multi row formula (your example) in SpreadSheet.
A variation of in-row formula similar to your example (but not same) that can be migrated to App formula.
SpreadSheet formula: Pi = Oi + Mi - Ni for all rows, where i is the range of rows.
App formula: You can create a virtual column called P (just an example. In reality you might need to have a better name for this column), and set the App formula as [O]+[M]-[N].