How is FolderLocation used?

The app I’m currently developing makes use of signatures, which as you know, are stored in a subfolder.

The app I am developing allows users to store data on multiple locations. Each Location has its own unique data sets. Because of this, signatures are stored across multiple sub folders, e.g. Ballymore_Imager & Liscarton_Images.

I need to be able to put all of these signatures into a single sub folder so I can automatically extract them using a script. I cannot do this for the simple fact that they are not stored in the same place.

They are stored as a file path in the spreadsheet, e.g. “Ballymore_Images/FT101.Signed (%SIGNED%).111652.png”, which makes the task all the more difficult.

This is not useful to me as my script cannot read file paths. If I could put all of the signatures into one folder instead of multiple folders, I may be able to extract signatures as well.

I cannot figure out how to use the FolderLocation expression, so some help or an example would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if there is a method of storing the image directly in the spreadsheet, then that would be a prefered method.

IF you don’t use any value in that Folder option, they will automatically go into same subfolder.