How long does it take for the server to refre...

(Jason Butnor) #1

How long does it take for the server to refresh it’s view of a Gsheet?

Problem: I had a coworker accidentally filter a GSheet and that is now the only view that comes up in the AppSheet UI for that sheet. I have deleted the UX View for that sheet and recreated it and it keeps using the filtered view.

I don’t need to know about filter views or the pros and cons of it, that discussion has been had.

Would it be fixed if I deleted the data view of the table for that sheet with the UX view and started over or would the server continue to only show this filtered view until the magic server refresh?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

Why don’t you unfilter the gSheet and refresh your app?

(Jason Butnor) #3


Of course I did that.

(Jason Butnor) #4

This is a server refresh issue. The sheet is not let me clear NOT filtered and hasn’t been for almost 48 hours.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #5

Well if you haven’t added a lot of data after the sheet is filtered, may be you can try restoring to a previous version of your sheet, and regenerate your column structure from the editor

(Jason Butnor) #6

That’s a great idea I’ll do that!

And don’t take this personally but: In the mean time is there anyway to get the company to consider changing server refreshes so paying customers don’t have to figure out ways to get updated views of their data which is correct in gsheets but not on their servers?

(Mary Jane Pender) #7

I might also add – revoke direct access to the G-sheet to anyone but yourself.

Then grant others view only access.

Databases should not be fiddled with directly by users – give them the access they need to get stuff via AppSheet.