How many columns in 1 sheet is too big? At ...

(Joshua Giles) #1

How many columns in 1 sheet is too big?

At what point does adding additional columns to a sheet slow down performance or functionality?

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

How many columns do you have in this sheet?

(Philip Garrett) #3


The most important thing about building a good app is getting the table design right.

Whenever I see a question about how many columns a table can contain, the alarm bells go off. I have never seen an app with properly designed tables that ever needed to worry about that problem.

I would start by reading the App Design section in the documentation - APP DESIGN | AppSheet Help Center

Focus on the discussion about entities and properties. Start by identifying each of your entities, or at least the most important entities. Then list the the important properties for each entity.

In a properly designed table you will typically have from a dozen to three dozen properties. If you find yourself with much more than that, ask yourself if you have mistakenly combined two or more entities that should actually be separate entities.

Another strong sign your design is wrong, is if you find yourself repeating a property. For example, if you are building a order entry system, and you start defining properties like Item1, Item2, Item3 in the Order record. This means you have incorrectly combined the parent Order entity with the child OrderItems entity. You should instead have created two entities (Order and OrderDetail) and Order should be the parent of OrderDetail. This is described in the App Design section. APP DESIGN | AppSheet Help Center