How to a get a selection from a list go to the correct answer or reply

Hello this is my first time posting here. I am trying to make a feedback section on my login app. once they have selected a happy, indifferent or other face. I would like to give the user a reply. how do I do that please?

Hello @jyparadoxchild, welcome to our community !

What do you mean with “giving the user a reply” ? do you want a text box to appear after they have made a selection so they can type feedback, or do you mean a way to get back at them?

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hello Rafael, that was quick thanks. they have three faces to choice from. if they pick happy I want a new message to appear on the app, saying thank you would you give feedback. then i want the app to display a list of subjects they can give feedback on. all on the app no email :slight_smile: