How to abort/cancel pending process? Is there any solution available to extend the length of pending proces life?

I’m just wondering how we abort pending process once the BOT started to run and pending the rest of process due to stopper of “wait for a condition”?

It is always possible that mistake or unexpected action is required for any apps.
For instance, event is to happen which triggers a BOT. For instance, borrowing the case on the premier document for Automation, new lead is created, and BOT is kicked off. The record value is meeting the step of “wait for a condition” so the BOT ceace the process and wait for a change in column value rather than executing the rest of steps. This situation, I m calling as “pending process”

At this point of time, I noticed I made wrong entry into app. To abort BOT pending process, I understand the easiest solutions is to delete entire row. This should be opration equal to abort pending process.

This possible scenario made me wonder if there is any other solution rather than deleting the bot to let BOT to execute to pending process?

For me, I concluded that we do not use step for “waiting for a condition” but we create multiple BOT to do the same operations, like we did during ex WORKFLOW era.

Secondly, I m not sure what the exact length of the life for the pending BOT, but remember it is something like 30 days or so.

Once the BOT gets into “pending process” states, we need to change the value of trigger column within 30 days. On the practical use cases, we anticipate the case where the change value for warit for a condition step will happen later than 30 days. Not always happens within the lengh of the BOT life.
On the Automation monitor, we can see the pending process detail, but we app creator will not get the notification automatically when we may have expiring pending process.
Then question is how can we extend the life of pending bot? Can extend another 30 days explicitly?

Again, my recent own conclusion is not to employ “wait for a condition” step in a process, but we separate the event and manages whole process by multiple and separate BOT, otherwise we are at a risk that BOT will not work in line with our expectation, but because we run late to change value to resume the pending process.

I yet generated any BOT for production app at this moment, but I may follow the old style of building automation by following a way we build “workflow” which sounds more safe.