How to accept invitation to edit an app?


My consultancy has recently built an AppSheet app for a client. Recently, we transferred this app to be under the ownership of the client’s AppSheet account. They have invited me back to being an editor of the app with the ‘Can edit definition’ and ‘Role: Admin’ options selected. After receiving the invitation email, when I click ‘Join’, it takes me to the ‘Team’ page for my consultancy and does not give me access to the app related to the invite. When I got to the ‘My Apps’ page, the app that I have been invited to is still missing and it still shows that I haven’t responded to the email on my client’s app management screen.

Is there any way for me to successfully accept the invite and still be an editor of the app?

Did you check that you have logged into appsheet with the correct account? You should also verify that you have been shared the application as a co-author.

I only have one AppSheet account so I can be sure that I am signed into the correct one. I have also seen a screenshot of the users screen with my email spelled correctly (I did get the email after all) which also confirms that I have the ‘Can edit definition’ selected from the dropdown. I presume that has the same result as the ‘Add as co-authors?’ toggle during the invite process, but not totally sure.

Turns out maybe the option above wasn’t ticked. Once this change was applied, I now see the app in my list of co-authored apps. Thanks!