How to acomulate data from the actual table

I have a table where I submit the information about the amount of “Things” that someone has count.

I want to have a column in which I can acomulate the information of counted things by someone.
I’m trying using SUM(Select:

sum(select([“Thing”],[“Someone”] = [“Someone”]))

But offcourse is not working due to SELECT has invalid inputs, but I don´t know how to do it

Thank you in advice

First read this:

And then take a look at these docs:

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I already did it (Read all of those documents) And the reason is not working is because all the data is in the same table, that’s why is not working the Select and Sum structure, and tha’s why I’m asking over here.

Thanks anyway for the documentation but I think I’m still has not the answer for this problem

This expression is syntactically incorrect: you haven’t specified the table to search, and none of the quotation marks in it should occur. Also, [“Someone”] = [“Someone”] will always be TRUE, which is probably not what you want. It looks to me like you don’t understand how to use SELECT(), which is probably why @LeventK suggested you read its documentation.

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I will do my best to express what I’m asking and what I tryed to do.

Giving more information for it.
I only have 1 Table it’s called “Performance” in this table I want to add every hour how many "Thins
" (Exactly how many boxes) an employee “Someone” has finished.
So, when in the next hour I’m going to add more boxes to someone I want to acomulate te total value for this person

The Data I’m Using is:

Sower Type: Ref - (to bring the information from a sowers database)
Amount of seeds Type: Number - (This is the information that they will fill every hour
Accumulated seeds Type Numer - Inthis is where I’m trying to acomulate the values

  1. I started with the Select because it was my first thought. And ofcourse it didn’t work due to the condition for sowers it’s always true.
  2. At the moment i’m trying using the most recent value in this way:
    Most Recent = maxrow(Performance, Date Time, [Sower] = [_THISROW].[Sower])
    Data [Most Recent] = REF_ROWS(“Performance”, “Most Recent”)

And in the formula of [Accumulated seeds] = [_THISROW].[Amount of seeds] + [Most Recent].[Amount of seeds]

But in this way is not agregating the values, it is replacing the values for the most recent

PD: I’m sorry if my english is not the best, I tryed to explan as best as I can

Try this App Formula for [Accumulated seeds] column:

    Performance[Amount of seeds] ,
      [Date Time] < [_THISROW].[Date Time] ,
      [Sower] = [_THISROW.[Sower]