How to add a Custom Path to a Task

I want to have a Custom File Folder Path. Please guide. :blush: :pray:

Attached snapshot of my Task.

What don’t you understand? What have you tried?

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In the File Folder Path I want to save the file in the Google Drive to a custom folder eg: My Drive\Appsheet Pdf\AMC Price List.

but if I put the above path it still goes to the default path.

Please let me know.

Thank you! :blush:

As stated in the app editor:


the path must be relative (to the app’s directory). You cannot specify a directory outside the app’s directory.

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Yes you are correct!

so what I did was I put this in the File Folder Path: “Appsheet.pdf/SalarySlip.pdf/” and my app directory is: /Data-TSDPA

So my pdf file is saved in the correct path: /Data-TSDPA/Appsheet.pdf/SalarySlip.pdf/

Thanks a Ton!! God Bless!! :pray: :blush: