How to add a file on google calendar

It’s possible to add a pdf file to a google calendar event?

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You might be able to drop a URL to the file inside the description field for the calendar event?

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ok thanks , i thinked that is possible to add a virtual column with File

You would need to “hard code” that file value, but yes you could do that.

Create your virtual column with an app formula that is the URL to the file.

Can you give the formula that i can use to add file please

You’ll need to have that file inside your google drive, then you can construct a link to the file inside like this:


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Thanks for you solution but it can’t work if i will uplaod a file for each one .

Yeah… working with a true calendar integration is limiting, because you can’t affect the columns in many ways.

The solution to this restriction back when the calendar integration was first introduced was to build out the calendar view, which is powered off a regular table instead of an actual calendar.

But then you run into the problem of its not an actual calendar, so people can’t sync up to it.

You can create a system of background updates that will merry the two together so they mirror each other - but honestly every client I’ve talked about this with has eventually moved to just using the table-powered calendar view (instead of the actual calendar integration).

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I think i’ll continue to add the link on description text. thanks to your reply

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