How to add a Q&A option on an app

Is it possible to have an option for asking a question and then after the field is answered, having it be corrected? Basically setting up a test I.e.
Q: Please select the number of wheels on a car
A: (dropdown): 1,2,3,4
(4 selected)
Response- Correct

thanks in advance!

You may want to add more details if you are looking for something else than the approach described below

You could have an enum button , say [Field Q1]with display name that lists the question, for example , an enum with display name as “Please select the number of wheels on a car”. The enum options are 1, 2, 3, 4

Then in the next field, say [Field R1] with display name as “Response” of text type, you could have an expression like IFS() or SWITCH() that results in “Correct” for enum selection of 4 in the field [Field R1] and “Incorrect” for other selections. You could make this field [Field R1] with Show_if as ISNOTBLANK([Field Q1])


Consider using a column of type Show for this.

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