How to add an image to description?

how to add an image to description , I want a static image to show to the user “as an exemple of the data to type” when he get into the Form_view , kind of guiding the user by an image ?? how can I do it

that’s not possible ?? any suggestions ?

Create column with show type, and set to image.
Then you will see image on form view.


Thank youuu for reply, … but I explain more because your solution I gues it will works .

So , it’s a static image … where I show to the user a sample of image that he has to take
whenever the user add new record he has to see the same image


Create table for sample images.
And save your sample image to that table.

on your show type column, use the expression to pull the image you wish to display using any(select(sampleimage[id], xxxx) ) type of expression.


Had you done this originally, you might’ve gotten a response…


Great thank you very much solved

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