How to add and edit a row with an action

I have a related table (call log) and would like to have the callers simply click an action button instead of having to open a “new” form.

The action button would need to add 1 call attempt number ([CallAttempt]+1), and timestamp the entry with the username.

I have tried a set of grouped actions but none work.

You can do that with a LINKTOFORM deep link. With that action you can write like…



Thank you! Got it work. Next question - is not possible to display the action button inside a form? form%20doesn't%20show%20action

Hi @Aleksi,

Will this action, in general, also be possible with action type “Add new rows to a table using values from this table?” The user does not seem to need to fill any value on his own in the form as username, time stamp and call attempt can be auto filled by action settings.


When you use LINKTOFORM, all initial values are calculated as well without adding any formula. So… for example if the CallDateTime column has an initial value NOW(), it will write it as well.

Hi @Aleksi,

Thank you. Got it. I think we can use the “Set These Columns” option of the action settings pane to set the CallDate Time column to NOW().in “Add new rows to table by using values from this table” action.

In this case user name, timestamp and call attempt seem to be possible to be auto filled. I could be missing some important point ,though. Will request your input.

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Yes it should work.

Thank you @Aleksi for your guidance as always.

So what you’ve suggested - does this eliminate the need to open a form and simply add a row to the inline table?

@tcanelli, Yes , I believe you may wish to try that option ,since @Aleksi has guided us after his review that it is a workable option.