How to Add Customer Information for Customer Notes

I have the basic skeleton of my app: Customer–>Customer Category–>Customer Notes. But how do you add information about the customer? I have a whole setup for that…like a questionnaire to be filled out. I figure that information will end up in the customer notes.

Can you post come pictures of your tables and a list of everything you want filled in about your customer??

Im assuming you have a table for Categories and a table for customers.

Can I email you?

Its possible but there a chance I may not know how to solve it. If you post the issue on this forum your questions will get solved with a combined effort. It Is also likely to help other appsheet users who who the same issue as you in the future.


Using Google Forms
One Customer is the Seller
and the questionnaire includes questions about the types of houses they sell
Here is a pic

In the beginning it includes personal information about the seller/customer like Name, company name and email. But the last part of the questionnaire includes fill in the blank answers as well as multiple choice… like State you purchase in and Square footage

The next Customer (Buyer) is similar format with personal information, and multiple choice/fill in the blank answers about the type of houses they buy.

ok, So What is it exaccly your trying to do? After you have a customer added, you want to add notes?

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Yeah… based on the the answers to the questionnaire…

Yeah… based on the questionnaire…

It would be great if I could just load the questionnaire and have them complete it on the app…

But Appsheet says that you can only load the response to the Google Form… not the first page that captures the information…

There’s gotta be a way that I can produce a questionnaire… and the responses are saved for each customer (Buyer/Seller)… I am basically trying to match the buyer to the seller based on their answers… because they (both questionnaires) have similar questions to cater to each other.