How to add date wise data on each slice?

I make 3 slice each for today yesterday and this week.
I put the formula of:
Today 》 ([Date] = TODAY())
Yesterday 》 ([Date] = TODAY()-1)
This week 》 WEEKNUM([Date])= WEEKNUM(TODAY())
But they are not working and,

I also tried with Greater and less than. But it was not using correctly.

Help me out what i do now😐


In what way are they not working? How are you using the slices?

I have one inventory tabel that carry date column.
Now i want that date column on slices.,in the formate of 3 different slices that carry
1st slice = Today Date
2nd slice = Yesterday Date
3rd Slice = This Week Date

What to do now how can i get that in each slice?

Hello @Amazon_Infinite
It is possible to do so: here are the steps to follow:
1- Make sure to click on “Create a custom Expression” for each slice
2- Insert your expression. Example: WEEKNUM ([Date]) = WEEKNUM (TODAY ())
3- Create a UX view to appreciate the result



No this is not working i tried it already.
I have screenshots,


Even This week working but only showing two entries.

And today and yesterday are showing blank😐

@Amazon_Infinite ,

Make sure that the date format is of the type “Date” and not “Date time

if this is the case, wrap it in the function: Date (), or you separate the date from the hours
and cancels the counting of seconds


Thanks @Guy_Merlin_Dyangnou it was working. Thnks a lot.

But for me its too important the Hours.

So what i use the functions that show me date as well as time.

What to do?

Awesome! my dear @Amazon_Infinite ,
to get the date and time, you can use two separate columns. That is to say one column for the date and the other for the time.

please mark resolved on your question if you found satisfaction, can help other members of our community


Thanks a lot @Guy_Merlin_Dyangnou its work.

But how time column show am/pm in Time Formate.,

What we do for that?