How to ADD edited value to PREVIOUS value of SAME column/field?

I’m working on an app that creates simple subscription contracts. These contracts have a [StartDate] and an [EndDate], but I want to “Renew” these contracts “without” creating a new entry and i need to “log” all the start and end dates before and after a renewal. What is the best way to do so?

If anyone can tell me how to ADD the NEW value of the EDITED column to the EXISTING/PREVIOUS value of that SAME column/field i’m editing it will solve my problem.

Here’s what i tried on a TEXT column named [LogAllStartDates]:

also tried:
Concatenate([_ThisRow].[LogOfAllStartDates],“:arrow_forward:”, Text([NewStartDate],“dd/mm/yyyy”)

also tried
Concatenate([LogOfAllStartDates],“:arrow_forward:”, Text([NewStartDate],“dd/mm/yyyy”)

PS: I don’t want to use “ENUMLIST”

All failed. Please advice
Thank you

Add a couple new columns to hold the old values. Create a data update action, triggered by a workflow, or a form save, that sets the value of your [LogOfAllStartDates] column to a concatenation of the old and new values, and then also resets the old value.


Create a Child table for Start and End dates, then you can easily add as many start/end child records as you want.

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Hello Marc,

The first option is not what i will be going for, it is a limited option. As for the second, well i never tried the child/parent records! I’ll look into that - can you point me to where to start?