How to add formatting to a form view view

Hello I’m trying to start a form with a bit of verbiage but the text appears greyed out. Has anyone found a way to add formatting to a form view to add interest or highlight key fields?


You may wish to elaborate what you are looking at in more detail. In the meantime, please explore if following helps.

In general , one may use show type columns with format rules for instructional verbiage or headings in the forms. For example a “thank you” message or certain instructions on filling up the form or page or section headings etc.


For highlighting key fields, as shown belowin the picture , one option is to use Emojis for the field headers. However please be aware that these emojis need to be used with substantial preplanning. Not all devices and operating systems versions support all of these.

Please go through the below post, where @tsuji_koichi has nicely described steps and preplanning required for using these emojis or unicode characters.

Text font trick


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