How to add Images to checklist

So am have having an issue adding an image to the checklist. I got a general understanding of how to do it with URLs and spreadsheets. I have having in issue adding it to the data itself. Can anyone help? I really don’t want to use an image hosting platform just to display images in the app.


Basically when answering a question, an image will be above that whom ever is completing the checklist can refer to the image to make sure he/she are completing the task correctly

Are the images added through the app?
Through the form the user is in?

Not sure how to answer but it looks like the forum. I created a column called images. It only lets me use URL and I want to know if there another way other than url to add the image to the question. image

Images must be hosted somewhere; they cannot be embedded in the app or data source.

ahh, if you want the user to provide an image, then change the column type to image.

My goal was to use google drive to store the images and use the link created by google drive for the images but it’s not working. The column has been changed to image but it’s asking for a public URL and I cant host the images publicly.

Also i reviewed this video but its still its from 2016 so the second half of the video is on longer valid. I dont even see an option to add an image as a read-only display. That’s my goal.

I figured it out! So when you want to add an image to a check list make sure the image is in a sub-folder as the data source. Type the file path in content and it sill show.

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Can you give an example of a " in a sub-folder as the data source. "


I have a folder called AppSheet Checklist Data. In that folder are google forms converted into checklist for the app. That is also where all the google sheets are stored. Then I have a folder called image where I store images for the app.

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Awesome many thanks, so there’s no way to put a tiny image in a sheet cell then say link back and display the entity within that cell or anything like that for example is there?

Nope non that I know of. There could be a way I just don’t know how lol.