How to add prefix to key on created?

I have making inventory app.
Firsrt time I was maket it for myself, but some peoples see what I am doing and want to use my app. And I am starting prototype for another users.

Id of our inventory is same. In my database I have product with number 1, 2 and 3. And my users must use this own id like this. So we will have same ID.

But I want to make them uniq just add useremail befor ID. When user add new id, I have just add prefix, when his work with products trip the prefix and his will see just ID.

How can I do that ?

I am trying to add prefix on ID column, autocomplete section, app formula, but after saving appsheet system clear them.

Any thoughts ?

would generate the USEREMAIL + whatsoever string combination.

Not exactly sure what your use case and requirement is but if you can to capture who added new record, then you have physical column to capture that by using initial value of useremail(), and set the field NOT EDITABLE rather than working on IDs kinda of things.

If the ID is also the row key, you can’t directly do what you want because you can’t modify the user’s input in place. Instead, you’d have to construct the ID in a separate column using the user’s input. That separate column would then be the key column rather than the input column.

See also:

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Thank you!

Done my task by adding new id column and cheking duplicate for old key column. This article help me.

Thanks a lot !

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