How to add tags to a posted community question o feature request

Hello. Does anyone know how to add tags to a community question or feature request after posting?

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Good question. I believe this is a “discourse” community, so:

However this un-resolved thread was about all I found in my quick search:


Thanks, Marc. I can’t find any solution, some of my posts have a “pencil” at the bottom, next to the “trash”, others don’t.
By the way, I will tell you why I want to add tags. Have you ever noticed that only the Questions category has the sync tag? However, by accident, I was able to make a Function Request with sync tag:
Improve the sync with multiple Google Sheets linked to each other
How? I was looking at Questions-sync, then I selected Feature Request and added one. And now I think that this request, entered through the back door, is hardly visible to other members. So I wanted to add data, table etc. to it. It will be in other chance. :slightly_smiling_face:

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