How to add values based off enum list choices

Hello, I am creating an app for the company I work for, we clean solar panels. Sometimes sites have more than 1 type of system and to properly price, we need to know how many panels are on each system. Rather than have my forms show fields for each system type all of the time, I’d like to have fields populate when specific system types are selected. Right now, I have an enum list with 3 of our regular system types (Carport, Roof, Ground). I currently have columns for the separate panel counts and have used the “Show_if” formula. - Show_if([System Type]Carport) - etc., but the fields aren’t populating when I choose the options. I think it is because the values are coming from an enum list, but I am not exactly sure. I have found how to make enum lists based off values, but not values based of enum lists.


I reckon this trick Steve @Steve introduced to us is going to help you out.

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