How to add your custom code?

I am trying to create an application in appsheet using oracle database can anyone please suggest me how should I use my own custom code to this app?

AppSheet has no accommodation for “custom code”.

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What ?? no custom code, no integration with google contacts ??
Is there anything that is better than in google appmaker ??
In fact its only possible to make some forms ? no way to write some lines ot interact with other api ? then its pretty useless !

A great many successful app creators would beg to differ.

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Annoying but not useless by any means.
I do agree having to move from one thing to another would make it seem like that but you’re using
a software and google is known to kill them so you are always running that risk of having to completely change.

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Although I don’t agree with you that Appsheet is useless, I am still reeling with the fact that Google killed off App Maker. Luckily I did not have many applications in App Maker. But the fact that you cannot add custom code like in AM is certainly a limitation that AM users were quasi ‘forced’ into. Unfortunately I will likely yet have to develop a couple of apps from the ground up not just because of ‘custom code’ limitations but also because of cost prohibitiveness by integrating some outside users.