How to autofill yes for one specifically option in dropdown menu of other column, but for other options users can choose either yes or no

I’m just starting to create apps using Appsheet.

I have :
[Column 1] using Enum type with 2 fixed values (Value 1 and Value 2) and other values are allowed to be added by users.
[Column 2] Yes / No type. For Value 1 in [Column 1] should always be Yes , while Value 2 : Yes/No is not displayed; and for other values : it can be Yes or No
[Column 3] Number, show if [Column 1] - value 1 or other value with Yes in [Column 2]
[Column 4] Number, show if [Column 1] - any value with No in [Column 2], except value 1 and 2 of [Column 1]
[Column 5] Number, show if [Column 1] - value 2. Autofill with App formula.

Current condition : if value 1 in [Column1], user still have to choose Yes manually in [Column 2].
To minimize human error, I would like to have [Column 2] automatically become Yes, when value 1 is chosen in [Column 1] ; but how and where to put the conditional expression?


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