How to automate a sample number based on another number


I would like to automate a field based on the total population number and some criteria

[whole population] <10, [sample number] = [whole population]
[whole population] between 10- 100, [sample number] = 11
[whole population] >100, [sample number] = 13

I almost have it with IF formatting, but have hit a snag.

Please help!

Which is…?

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IF(([Dispatch Tray Quantity] < 6), [Dispatch Tray Quantity], 0)AND IF(([Dispatch Tray Quantity] < 101), 5, 0)

That’s not how AND() works.

I’d recommend using IFS() if you have more than 2 situations, read that doc from previous post. You can always nest IF()s though.

IF( … , … , IF( … , … , … ) )

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I will give this a go, I was really just winging it. Thank you very much