How to automatically save changes made in app?

I would like to know if there is a way that the app does not require the user to push save (circle arrow top right) when they make changes but saves the changes automatically?

Thanks in advance.



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Yeah, thanks, I saw that, but even when it is turned on; the little orange counter appears next to the circle arrow when the user edits or makes changes. Does this mean that the counter will dissappear from there after 30 minutes if we do not click on it?

No. The “orange counter” is the number of data changes that have occurred that need to be sent to the server. They will be sent over a small amount of time. It is not instantaneous, just wait a bit.


Ok, thanks I just wanted to make sure that changes are saved to the server even if the user neglects that sign and does not push it. So that clarifies that. Thanks for the help.