How to bring values depended on two reference?

So, I have a progress payment app and I want to set the value by depended on project name and block name.

Project column is ref, and blocks is already depended on project choose.

I want to set LOGEMENTS value automatically when I chose Project and Blocks
Could you please help me to write this expression?

Thank you in advance…

hi @cangokturk. You should be able to write a select statement to solve.

any( select( Table[Logements], and([Project]=[_thisrow].[Project], [Blocks]=[_thisrow].[Blocks])))

This formula will find all Logements values from the table where Project and Blocks are equal to whatever value the user is selecting in the form. The result of this select statement should be a list of one item (I assume this is the case based on your question). This is wrapped with any() to convert from a list to a single value that can be populated into a text field.

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