How to build a Chatbot app

There is no Chatbot button for selection in new app,why?!

I’m afraid Chatbot app is not supported anymore.

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Interesting. Is there something coming to replace the feature? Or is there an alternative that we can use with our apps?

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I haven’t seen any discussion about it, but I can check that.

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If not support (I dont have any chatbox app with me), I suggest you delete the page, as it should be still out.

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Though old chatbot apps are still working.

Sample apps for chat bot is NOT working fyg.

I actually never crated Chatbot app before, so not an issue with me personally.

Sample app should be deleted if no longer supported.

Even if old chat bot still work (not sure as i don t have any of chat bot app on my own), I suspect it wont be runnable when app creator UPDATE app through the editor, as it should reflect most up to date version of the appsheet engine, where chat bot feature no longer supported. Again just my suspicion only.

Whatever the case, if any of existing feature get NOT available, Appsheet should broadly announce before it retires. As one of appsheet user opinion.\

As appsheet partner, I m deploying bunch of app to my clients. If this happens to my production app (app uses some features, but it gets all the sudden not available) we will lose the trust from our client and app end user for sure. I lose my face as well, which is not a big deal though.


Could you show an example How to link up appsheet app with twillo chatbot in order to call the spreadsheet data?