How to bulk add hours worked by employees on a project

Hi everyone, I am new to this platform and I don’t know if this question was already asked by someone else in the past.
In my app, I have three tables: Employees, Projects, and HoursWorked. The table Employees contains all the employees’ data, the table Projects contains all the projects’ data, and the table HoursWorked contains the hours worked by every employee on each project. Both the Employees and the Projects tables are parents of the HoursWorked table (the employee’s ID and the project’s ID are “Ref” in the HoursWorked table)
I would like to let my users select a list of employees from the Employees table and add the number of hours worked on a project to the HoursWorked table. The users should be able to specify the date, the number of hours worked, and the project (these fields have to be the same across all the employees selected).
Thanks in advance for your attention.

Hi Lorenzo, not sure if you were able to figure this out. This idea of bulk additions that also supports “selection” or “parameters” comes up from time to time, so we took a moment to build a working example here:

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much!